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CRSC provides an intellectual home for research and collaborative projects on social change, with a particular focus on structures of inequality and relationships of power. CRSC’s work places issues of race, gender, and class at the center of the agenda and capitalizes on Berkeley’s history as the birthplace of transformative social movements as well as California’s unique status as a bellwether for race relations, sexual politics, and socioeconomic divisions.

CRSC is committed to an ethic of interdisciplinary, intergenerational, and inclusive research. Working collectively, researchers draw on a wide range of scholarly perspectives and methods. Faculty join with graduate, professional, and undergraduate students to examine pressing questions of theory, policy, and practice. This work not only advances academic knowledge but also has practical social implications that can enhance the life chances of California’s increasingly diverse population. By doing research with a conscience, CRSC bridges the gap between academic inquiry and community needs.

Current Research Projects and Collaborations

Recently Completed Projects

Center for Research on Social Change (CRSC)
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