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Khatharya Um Receives Chancellor’s Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence and Equity

Khatharya Um, Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliate and Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, received the Chancellor's Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence and Equity. The award is presented to UC Berkeley faculty members who have an extraordinary record of accomplishment in advancing equity, inclusion and diversity through their scholarship, research, teaching, and public or university service. Professor Um’s research has highlighted how war, genocide, and refugee experiences have affected communities in the United States, and she has worked to advance educational equity and opportunity in both local and international communities. Professor Um will utilize this award to continue her research with a focus on post-refugee-generation experiences among Southeast Asian communities in the U.S. and on new refugee communities in the Bay Area.

Survey on COVID-19 Impact on Refugees and Refugee-Serving Organizations - please help spread the word

The Critical Refugee Studies Collective, including Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliate Khatarya Um, is conducting a survey on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on refugees, their families and communities, refugee-serving organizations and support groups. Please disseminate information about the survey through your networks - deadline is July 1.

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Black Lives Matter

CRSC stands in solidarity with those protesting anti-Black violence and working to promote racial justice in policing, health care, and all spheres of society. There are many relevant resources on our website; we encourage you to watch this video of our 2019 event, "Cultural Capital, Systemic Exclusion and Bias in the Lives of Black Middle-Class Women: A Conversation," featuring Dawn Dow and Tina Sacks with moderator Amani Allen.

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What Would it Mean to Defund the Police?

Center for Research on Social Change affiliated faculty Nikki Jones was a recent guest on KQED's Forum with Michael Krasny, talking about what it means to “defund police.” One idea is to divert money from police departments into social services that can prevent crime and address its causes. Proponents say cities need to radically overhaul their systems of policing after years of failed reform efforts.


Most California voters say coronavirus is increasing inequality

Center for Research on Social Change affiliated faculty Tianna Paschel was quoted in the LA Times commenting on a new UC Berkeley poll finding that most Californians believe that Covid-19 is increasing inequality. "More surprising, she said, is that Latinos were the least likely to believe that blacks were disproportionately affected, with only 18% strongly agreeing, and 27% somewhat agreeing."

The Need For a New WPA For the Covid-19 Response

Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliate Jerome Karabel writes in USA Today on the scale and scope of the unemployment levels -- and a suggestion for how to deal with it, based on the nation's historical response during the Great Depression.

In ‘Creole Son,’ a White Berkeley Mother Explores the Impact of Adopting a Mixed-Race Child

This Berkeleyside article examines Center for Research on Social Change affiliate E. Kay Trimberger's recently published book Creole Son: An Adoptive Mother Untangles Nature & Nurture (LSU Press). Part memoir, part introduction to behavioral genetics, the book explores the factors that shaped her son’s life across nearly four decades.

New Journal Issue: The Criminal Justice System as a Labor Market Institution

Inmate labor fuels prisons. Some of the incarcerated work in prison industries that collaborate with private corporations. But fair labor laws do not apply to prisons, where many inmates earn less than $1.00 per hour. Criminal justice involvement also hinders post-incarceration employment and earnings. In this new issue of the Russell Sage Foundation Journal, edited by Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliates Sandra Smith and Jonathan Simon, an interdisciplinary group of scholars analyzes how the criminal justice system acts as a de facto labor market institution by compelling or coercing labor from the justice-involved.


COVID-19’s unequal toll on black Americans: A Q&A with Tina Sacks

Berkeley News interviewed Tina Sacks, an assistant professor in the School of Social Welfare and faculty chair of the Center for Research on Social Change about how COVID-19 is infecting and killing black people at an alarmingly high rate. An Associated Press analysis has found that, nationwide, about 42% of the deaths from COVID-19 were African American. Black Americans account for about 21% of the total population in the areas covered by the AP analysis.

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Paid leave for precarious workers during covid-19

Catherine Albiston makes the case for paid sick leave for all workers, especially those in precarious jobs who are least likely to have paid leave. The essay is part of a series in the journal Contexts: Sociology for the Public on inequality during the coronavirus pandemic. “A few weeks of paid leave to recover from illness and care for ill family members may make the difference between bridging this public health challenge and complete economic disaster for many working families.” Professor Albiston is an affiliate of the Center for Research on Social Change.


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