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The Future of CRSC Is Uncertain; Save ISSI

In order to save money, the Vice Chancellor for Research Office has decided to close ISSI, the parent institute of CRSC.  ISSI and CRSC affiliates are fighting the closure and have developed this website to showcase the value of the Institute and the widespread support for it. Please help save ISSI:

  • Sign the petition on the website (there's a form to do so).
  • Amplify the message on social media. There's a pinned tweet on the ISSI Twitter page which you can like, share, retweet. And likewise on Facebook. If you prefer to put it in your own words, that's much appreciated too! Please use the hashtag #SaveISSI

The San Francisco Chronicle covered the fight to save ISSI on the front page

Congratulations to Nikki Jones

Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliate Nikki Jones has won the 2020 Michael J. Hindelang Award from the American Society of Criminology, recognizing her book as making the most outstanding contribution to research in criminology in 2020. The Chosen Ones: Black Men and the Politics of Redemption analyzes ethnographic interviews with inner-city police officers and recordings of police encounters collected by and alongside law enforcement to investigate the reasons that violence persists in inner cities. "It’s an honor to receive the award and to be recognized by a community of my peers for my scholarly contribution to the discipline,” said Jones, "The award also comes in a year when I was recognized by the Graduate Assembly and the African American Student Development Office for my mentorship and support of graduate and undergraduate students. Each award recognizes an important part of who I am as a scholar, researcher and advocate.”

New Berkeley Law Center Emphasizes Workers' Rights

Two Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliates, Catherine Albiston and Catherine Fisk, have joined with Lauren Edelman to start the Center for Law and Work at Berkeley Law, as described in this Berkeley News article. The institute will study organizations and work with an emphasis on the issues that workers face, rather than the issues of organizations. The creation of the CLAW came at a critical juncture, when workers continue to suffer at the hands of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Many White Men Love Trump's Coronavirus Response

In this article in The Atlantic, Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliate Arlie Hochschild, Professor Emerita, is quoted extensively. She details the general emotions and thoughts many white men have: "Unable to draw confidence from their wealth, which is in many cases nonexistent, or their jobs, which are steadily being moved offshore, they turn to their pride in being American." Trump, meanwhile, helps these men feel like a good American superior to others.

Curricular Contradictions

Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliate Travis J. Bristol co-authored a research article examining the supports and constraints teachers encountered during school-based professional development aligned with becoming a National Board Certified Teacher at one school serving predominantly Latinx students. In this article in the Harvard Education Review, the authors found that district and school-based factors constrained the teachers' capacity to earn National Board Certification.

Latino Voter Outreach Still Falls Short

In this NPR podcast episode, Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliatte Lisa García Bedolla details how the Latinx community continues to be misunderstood, underappreciated, and overlooked by political campaigns despite being the second largest group of eligible voters by race or ethnicity. Bedolla explains the diversity the word "Latino" encompasses and outlines what effective outreach to Latinx voters would look like.

A Tale of Two Types of Schools

Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliate Travis Bristol published a new article in Teachers College Record exploring how school conditions influence turnover among Black men teachers. This study focuses on the school-based experiences of Black male teachers and pays particular attention to comparing the different experiences of Black men who are the only Black male teachers in their schools and Black men with multiple black male teachers at their schools.

Hispanic Heritage Month Must Recognize Our Struggles

In a recent Berkeley Blog about politics and law, Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliate G. Cristina Mora argues that this celebration of "Hispanic Heritage Month" must remember the struggle for social justice against structural racism, police brutality, and labor exploitation. Mora stresses that usually, heritage month activities emphasize culture and de-emphasize the history of Latinx politics in the U.S. and also erase the diversity of Latinx communities under a common "Hispanic" label.

Racial Injustice in the Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Decision

Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliates Jonathan Simon and Nikki Jones were quoted in this Berkeley News article about the racial biases in America reflected in the grand jury's decision against charging officers with the killing of Breonna Taylor. Simon comments, “Whether you want to blame it on these individual officers in Louisville or not, this is a real story of racial injustice. But it’s a story in which criminal law, and holding people accountable, is very imperfect.” Jones details that the Constitution's Fourth Amendment has transformed to give police officers protection at the expense of the people they serve. She states, “If you understand critical race theory of the law, you understand that white supremacy is built into the laws and into the institutions."

Congratulations to Nikki Jones and G. Cristina Mora

Center for Research on Social Change faculty affiliates Nikki Jones, Professor of African American Studies, and G. Cristina Mora, Associate Professor of Sociology, received the 2020 Faculty Mentor Awards for their outstanding commitment to guiding and supporting their advisees.


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