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The Center for Research on Social Change (CRSC), formerly named the Institute for the Study of Social Change (ISSC), was founded in 1976. CRSC researchers use a combination of qualitative and quantitative social science research methods to undertake empirical investigations into critical social issues in the United States and abroad, with a particular focus on how immigration, globalization, economic restructuring, and development of new technologies are shaping and changing the structure and culture of various spheres within societies throughout the world. Center research seeks to illuminate the lived experiences of people whose social locations are profoundly affected by broad processes of social change. Over the years, research projects at CRSC have helped to establish new research agendas and fields of study in the social sciences, and key findings have influenced academic research, public debate and social policy.

In the coming years, the Center for Research on Social Change will continue to examine pressing social issues concerning the quality and character of community life in response to national and global processes of social change.


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