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Claiming Membership: What It Means to be American

Irene Bloemraad, faculty affiliate of ISSI's Center for Research on Social Change, published a new article in Ethnic and Racial Studies investigating what it means for Chinese, Vietnamese, and Mexican-origin parents to be American. Bloemraad examines how being an American citizen can't be constrained by dictionary definitions and is, instead, affirmed through behaviors of both citizens and noncitizens.

Untimely Futures

In this new article, Brandi T. Summers, faculty affiliate of ISSI's Center for Research on Social Change, examines Oakland's unhousing crisis and racial disproportionalities in the homeless population: African Americans comprise 70% of the homeless population in Oakland, despite making up only 20% of the overall population. Summers addresses the failures of short-term solutions that have been proposed and discusses the history of West Oakland that continued the trend of dispossession Black people see now.

Atmospheres of Violence

On November 2nd, the Center for Research on Social Change, part of the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues, co-sponsored an event discussing Eric Stanley's new book that analyzes the increasing attacks against trans, queer, and gender-nonconforming people of color amidst advancing LGBTQ rights. "Atmospheres of Violence: Structuring Antagonism and the Trans/Queer Ungovernable" is available now for viewing.

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by John Aubrey Douglass (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021)

Edited by Michael Omi, Dana Y. Nakano, and Jeffrey T. Yamashita (Temple University Press 2019)

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