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Accolades for Tianna Paschel

July 21, 2017

Tianna Paschel, Assistant Professor of African American Studies and ISSI affiliated faculty member, received three awards for her new book, Becoming Black Political Subjects: Society of the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) Global Division Book Award, Gordon Hirabayashi Book Award of Human Rights Section of the American Sociological Association (ASA), and Law and Society Association (LSA) Herbert Jacob Book Award.

New Project on School Discipline and Teacher Racial Bias

July 21, 2017

Jason Okonofua, Assistant Professor of Psychology and CRSC-affiliated faculty member, received a grant from the Tides Foundation and Google to “launch an online intervention for more than 100 U.S. school teachers to motivate them to check their biases against African American students before meting out punishment. His approach is the first of its kind.”

The Deep Story of Trump’s America

May 21, 2017

The San Francisco Chronicle featured CRSC affiliated faculty member Arlie Hochschild’s new book, “Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right.” The book is based on five years of research in right-wing rural Louisiana, where she found that residents feel betrayed by the country’s elites.

Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative

January 27, 2017

Center for Research on Social Change, and Berkeley Center for Social Medicine is one of the founding partners of this new initiative to investigate human mobility, immigrants’ integration and the ways migration transforms societies around the world. The initiative seeks to bring together UC Berkeley faculty and students researching migration and leverage these connections for further innovation.

CRSC Faculty Member David Montejano Honored by the California State Assembly

January 1, 2017

The California State Assembly passed a resolution honoring CRSC faculty affiliate David Montejano, Professor Emeritus of Ethnic Studies and History, for his groundbreaking scholarship and years of dedicated service to the University of California. Professor Montejano is author of the prizewinning book, Anglos and Mexicans in the Making of Texas, 1836-1986 (U of Texas Press, 7th printing, 1999) and, most recently, Quixote's Soldiers: A Local History of the Chicano Movement, 1966-1981 (U of Texas Press, 2010).

Juvenile Justice Policy in the Trump Administration

December 16, 2016

Barry Krisberg, CRSC affiliated faculty member, was interviewed by the youth policy website Youth Today. He shared his insights on likely juvenile justice policy and practices under the Trump administration.

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How to Fix Solitary Confinement in American Prisons

November 4, 2016

Keramet Reiter, Assistant Professor at UC Irvine and former ISSI Graduate Fellow, explains how to improve the conditions and processes of solitary confinement in this Los Angeles Times editorial. She argues for involving guards in reform and for providing them with more resources, in addition to setting clear time limits for solitary confinement, ensuring that prisoners are in humane conditions, and providing mental health treatment. Professor Reiter discussed her new book, 23/7: Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long Term Solitary, at a CSRC event on November 3.

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Career Choices, Return Paths and Social Contributions: The African Alumni Project

November 1, 2016

The final report from the African Alumni Project is now available to read and download from The MasterCard Foundation website. This research adds an important dimension to our understanding of the career paths and choices of international students generally, and African students in particular.  The lead researcher on the project is ISSI Senior Researcher Robin Marsh.

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